Sunday, June 03, 2007

CT Canoe Trip Part 5

Just to recap the trip so far. We camped in Ellington, CT, and in Lake Luzerne, NY. Here's a picture of me and Todd's Mom on a 4 wheeler at Lake Luzerne:

We bought a canoe, and dropped it into the CT River at Wells River, Vermont:

This is Todd and the Gravy Boat at the entry site in Wells River:

Now, where were we....

Oh yes. The boat capsized within a few hours of the beginning of the trip down the river.

“What happened?” I howled at Todd. I stood up in the water, which was up to my mid-thigh. I could feel the welt forming on my right shin; I had bashed it against the rock on the bottom. My whole shin was on fire.

Griffen swam, his tongue lolling out with glee, a vacant look of bliss in his big, brown eyes. Nemo, however was not amused with the water. He was swimming toward the Vermont side of the river. Unfortunately Interstate 91 is on the Vermont side river bank.

“Go after Nemo. I’ll bail us out.” Todd said. I hobbled through the water, which rapidly dropped to chest deep. I swam/waded after Nemo, calling out to him. He was having none of it, and wanted out of the water. By the time I got to the edge of the river, Nemo was half way up the bank and climbing. The highway was at the top of the river bank. I was starting to get scared that he’d make it all the way to the highway.

I scaled up the bank after him, and managed to get my hands on him. I slid down the bank and held him as I got back into the water. By the time I’d gotten a hold of Nemo, Todd had bailed the canoe and came to our side of the river. I got back into the canoe, and Todd filled me in on the damage.

“Everything’s soaked, Beej. We need to find a campsite, so we can start a fire and get our things dried out.”

“Fine with me”

“I am looking at the map right now… CRAP!”

“What’s wrong?” I turned around to see that the maps Todd had laminated before we left were floating on the current of the river, never to be seen again.

To be continued.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only with dogs and kids is the unexpected always around the corner.

June 3, 2007 at 7:42 PM  

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