Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thirteen Foods that I Hate.

1. Onions. Mom actually used to puree them into things so my brother and I wouldn’t notice.

2. Peppers. My aunt got me to eat them on a pizza when I was a little kid by telling me that they were green apple. Then I hoarked them up. Don’t lie to me. Let me make my choice based on what’s available. Not cool, Auntie.

3. Tomatoes. Mom used to make tomato and onion salad with dinner. I hated this stuff so much. Dad didn’t eat dinner with us that much, as he worked all the time. Mom used to feed us then pack up a dinner for him and drag us all out to the shop so he could eat too. So Dad didn’t really know what I ate. There was one night when he was home for dinner, and he plopped some tomato and onion salad on my plate and demanded I eat it. I told him I didn’t like it. But he just figured that I was a little kid who said she didn’t like things when she hadn’t tried them. So he shoveled a forkful into my mouth, and then he got to see it all again.

Tomato sauce is OK. Ketchup is also OK. Whole tomatoes, not OK. Big chunks of tomato in my sauce, not OK.

4. Eggplant. When Todd and I just started going out I was still a vegetarian. So he was making the only veggie thing he knew how to make, eggplant parmesan. He even had his Mom on the phone as he was cooking, so she could tell him how to make it. I choked the whole thing down “Honey, this is great! Thank you for making this.” Fast forward 5 years later. We just bought our house and we were having dinner with my brother and his family at the joint up the street. Todd asked “Beej, why don’t you get eggplant parm, you haven’t had that in ages.” I told him I didn’t really feel like eggplant parm. I caught my brother’s eye, because I know he doesn’t like it either, then Todd asked “Do you even like eggplant?” It finally came out that I hate it, but I was a good sport when he made it and I choked it all down. He was so sweet to make it for me.

5. Beef. I am a recovering vegetarian. I eat some seafood, poultry though. Beef grosses me out. Sometimes I’ll taste it when Todd has some that he says is good. But then I get grossed out at how long it takes me to chew it.

6. Pork. Though I think I ate some when I was drunk at my Dad’s wedding.

7. Pickled herring. Or anything pickled for that matter. My Dad used to eat pickled herring and it used to make the house stink. I think it’s because I don’t like vinegar. I think pickles are beyond gross. Blah!

8. Salmon. I wish I liked it, because it’s good for you. But I really just don’t.

9. Lobster. I wish I liked this too because I can catch them when I dive and have a free lobster dinner. No dice.

10. Sushi. Todd and I go to Sushi-Go in Newport quite often, again, I wish I liked it. We made friends with the manager and owner and they don’t care if I bring soup from Panera in there. I did try a bunch of different kinds one afternoon when it was slow in the sushi shop. I tried snapper, eel, and something else I can’t remember. I didn’t like any of them. Eel was almost palatable, but, no. I often get asked “Why not get a California roll? You like shrimp.” Ah, but I don’t like COLD shrimp, and I don’t like avocado either.

11. Swiss cheese. Yuck.

12. Cold shrimp. Hate shrimp cocktail. Hate it!

13. Salsa. Kind of. I’ll dip my chip in the salsa and shake off the chunks, so I can have salsa juice on my chip. If the salsa is too finely pureed, then I have too many little chunks on there, so that’s no good.

So, the moral of the story is I am nightmare to order pizza with.

What foods do you hate?

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Blogger Jansky T said...


Humble Tidbits of Vacuity here. E-mail me at and I'll help you answer the question you left for me.

May 4, 2007 at 3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear, you are more than a nightmare to order pizza with, you are a nightmare to cook for. Just you alone have almost all the food dislikes that exist in our family (save the mayo, gravy or corn mixed in anything that Pman hates).

I lurve pickled herring. Oh wait, you asked what we don't like.

Raw tomatoes eaten by themselves. I'm okay with slices on a sandwich, sometimes, and I lurve salsa. But to just pick up a tomato and eat it...nope.

Brussel sprouts. *gag, vomit, barf*

Avocado. Mostly. I can take it mixed up with cream cheese and taco seasoning, but plain avocado/ can do.

May 7, 2007 at 10:02 AM  

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