Friday, June 16, 2006

No, I am not taking a nuclear science class

I do not have a crazy teacher that wears dark glasses.

But things are going great, and they're only getting better. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

I love being a business owner. Sure it's a lot of hard work, but where else would I get great stories all beginning with "So, a guy came into the shop today...." It used to be that a lot of my stories began with "So, I was really drunk one night...."

So a guy came into the store one day and asked:

Guy: Do you have those snorkels that you can breathe underwater with?
Beej: Um... OK, let's think about this. Where would the air come from that you would breathe if it's a snorkel?
Guy: Good point.

Just last week another guy came into the store. He was moving a bit slowly, in a not-quite-right kind of way. He stepped up to the counter and said:

Guy: My doctor told me I have to wait 3 more years to go diving. But I told him to go fuck himself.
Beej: Um... (lot's of my answers to these sort of things begin with "Um...") Are you sure that's wise?

He then tipped his shaved head down to reveal a gigantic scar on his head. His scalp actually resembled a peach, you know, like that line that goes down the side of a peach. So I am thinking "Great, this guy's had a lobotomy, and now he wants to scuba dive. Where is that can of freak repellent when I need it?"

He babbled a bit more about how he can now stand upright since the mystery surgery on his head, and now is ready for something more challenging--doctor's advice be damned, (or fucked, in his words).

But other than the odd freaky customer that comes in here, it's been great. The regulars are cool with me, and I am cool with them. I am learning a lot, and the guys teach me something new every day. I feel respected, I feel like I come off pretty well as knowing what I am doing. I have grown more professionally in the last 6 months than I have in my entire career.

Other than that, work aside, life is good. Todd and I installed the refrigeration on the boat last week, and a cold beer is a whole lot more effortless now. Tonight we'll sail to Jamestown and begin the summer of living on the boat.

So, I won't promise to update more often. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. You'll just have to keep checking. :-)


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