Monday, May 25, 2009

Totally Made My Day

Last Thursday, the weather finally warmed up to the point where I wore a short skirt to work. Well, not too short, mid-thigh or so. I hadn’t worn a skirt all winter, and stuck with jeans every day instead. I put on a pair of strappy heels to go with the skirt. I walked through the office from my desk to the water cooler to fill up my mug for my morning tea. I walked by N, an unmistakably gorgeous woman, who sits closest to the water cooler. She was talking to a few of the other girls and stopped mid-sentence as I walked by.

“Wow! Beej has great legs! Look at them! They are so muscular!” N exclaimed, while giving my gams the elevator look: up and down. I blushed, did a dorky little dance, and thanked her.

I went into the back room to heat my tea, and I couldn’t help but smile. I don’t handle compliments well. At all. In fact, I usually tip my head down and say something dorky. Which I did after N complimented me.

I watched the microwave count down, and my mug rotate round and round inside. I thought to myself, “Not this time.” I took my tea out of the microwave, and headed back for my desk. I passed N’s desk, and she was still talking to a few others.

“You know, you just totally made my day,” I said to her. She laughed. I laughed. Then I explained. “See, it was my New Year’s resolution this year to compliment at least one woman every day. I compliment people here, my friends, strangers every single day. I do it because I hope that other women will do it too. And it worked. I got a compliment too! Yay!”

And you know what? N was right. My legs are muscular, and they do look great in that short(ish) skirt.

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