Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bad Tired, Good Tired

Of course, on the first weekend where it feels like summer I have a sinus infection. I’ve been annoyingly sick for the last forever or so. I sit at my desk and cough all day. My co-workers cower and cringe as I walk by them in the hallways. The trash can under my desk was in constant used-tissue overflow.

On Thursday I left work at 9 or so in the morning and headed to the local walk-in clinic and left with a prescription for Augmentin. That was the same antibiotic that Todd had gotten a prescription for just a few days earlier. Because Todd and I share everything, we've been sharing the same sinus infection. (Thanks sweetie, it’s the gift that keeps on givin’.)

Friday afternoon my eyes grew heavy at work. I propped my head up against my left hand and watched my computer monitor grow blurry. Then I felt the tell-tale head bob. You know the one. The I-just-fell-asleep-at-my-desk-at-work head bob. After a quick search around my desk I decided that it would be a bad idea to try to prop my eyes open with paperclips. I switched off the computer, grabbed my keys and my bag, and said goodbye to my boss.

I have no recollection of the drive home. Luckily most of it is on the highway, where I puttered along in the right lane with my eyes glazed. Once home I fumbled up the stairs, fell into bed and was instantly asleep for nearly three hours.

Saturday the sun shone, and the mercury hit the 80s. And I slept through a lot of it. I had microbursts of energy, but then slept for hours after each one. The guilt of squandering the first summery day bummed me out. Badly. But I didn’t have the energy to enjoy it. My bike (with it’s new bike bell on the handlebar) sat untouched in the garage. Our canoe sat on its sawhorses, and its new paddles shone in the basement. All I had the energy for was reading and sleeping.

Today was different. This morning I woke up wired for sound. I danced around the room while we got dressed chirping away about an entire summery Sunday ahead of us. We had some tidying up to do, as Dad and his wife were visiting for a late lunch. We took the dogs swimming in the morning. I did the laundry. Todd built a birthday present for his dad.

Dad and Anna arrived, and we had a very nice visit over Todd’s latest grill creations. Then we went for an ice cream and showed them the finer points of Podunk, RI. I believe we used the phrase “don’t blink.” As in, “OK, this is the center of town. Don’t blink, you’ll miss it.”

After Dad and Anna left, we piled the bikes into the car and headed for the bike path. We plotted an easy 3 mile route (see above, sinus infection) with Google Pedometer. But when we got to the end of the three miles, in no time flat, we took on 3 more miles.

The bike path was an old railroad line complete with train trestles. Turns out there is an entire network of bike paths in Rhode Island that we vaguely heard of, but never bothered to completely check out and appreciate. We rode through the mud and got dirty. We stopped on a bridge that overlooked a waterfall to take a sip of water. I rang my little bell, and giggled over it.

My thighs, currently supporting my laptop, are showing the signs of exertion. Good tired.

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