Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where the Hell Have I Been

I’ve had an iPod for a few years now, but I’ve only used it for working out. I don’t take it in the car because then I’ll forget it somewhere, like at work, and I won’t have it for my workout. And then I won’t workout. And then I’ll eat something instead. And then I’ll see the weight creep up on the scale. And then I’ll fall into some sloth-like cycle. All because I forgot my iPod somewhere.

Yesterday I was in my car, and I looked at all the CD jewel cases all over the place—in around the emergency brake so it gets to the point where I can’t use the brake without having to move 8 dozen jewel cases. None of the correct CDs are even in those jewel cases anymore. And they’re all over the fricken place. Then I pulled into Best Buy. And then I bought the brand new iPod Nano.

I cleaned out the car, brought all those CDs into the house and plugged my new iPod in. I spent the entire evening loading CDs onto my lappy, and then dragging them onto the iPod. I still had a stack of CDs ready to go on, but there were only so many hours.

And then this morning I introduced myself to the world of podcasts. I had heard about a “Writers on Writing” podcast that I’d been wanting to check out. I subscribed to it and downloaded 6-7 episodes. I put the first one on as I drove to work, and then I put it on again as I drove over to the boat ramp at lunchtime. And then I listened to more of it on the way home.

I am in love.

And I ask, where the hell have I been.



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