Sunday, September 14, 2008

Forced Inactivity

It’s Sunday afternoon, it’s raining, and I have a husband who is in Vegas. So far today all I’ve done is wake up, then take a nap, eat and watch movies on TV. And you know what? I am enjoying every minute of it. Oh, and you have no idea how psyched I was to find a little packet of Skittles in the pantry. Score!

Todd just called from Vegas a bit ago; he’s been there since Thursday and will be home next Thursday, so I have a husband-free week. It’s awfully quiet in here.

And what will do with my husband free week? So far I’ve gone to the movies on Friday night, then yesterday afternoon some of my oldest friends came over to try their luck with my cooking. We sat in the living room talking about their upcoming wedding and I studied the both of them, and thought back to how long I’ve known them.

I met Krista roughly five minutes after we moved into our dorm freshman year of college. She lived on the first floor and I lived on the third. She was friends with a girl who lived on my floor that I was friends with too. Eventually the other girl on my floor moved on to friends that were cooler than Krista and I, and she faded from our circle. Krista and I, however, remained good friends. (I wonder whatever happened to that other girl…) Krista’s soon to be husband was one of my teammates on the track team in college. We both high jumped, so we spent a lot of time together in the gym jumping over a bar and falling into pits made of foam. A few years ago at my 30th birthday party they sat next to each other and flirted shamelessly with each other, and on November 1 they’ll say their vows. If you told me that would happen when we were all in school I would have said you were crazy. In fact, I’d still say your crazy, but I think I’ll stop saying it on November 2nd.


I’ve been a bit absent from the blog. Work’s been heating up lately, and I’ve been pretty tired every night when I get home. Life stuff has also been a bit busy, and I’ve barely gone straight home after work lately. Please bear with me, I’ll post when I can.



Blogger The Creeper said...

At times I marvel at the fact that Bill and I are not only together, but getting married. Whoda thunk about all this way back then? Certainly not me. Him neither. It's a little weird how our lives were intertwined, yet so completely separate. I mean, I have pictures of our kids together (which I have given to him, since his ex took all the kid's picture from when they were little), yet we barely spoke until last year. So odd.

Congrats to your friends!

September 15, 2008 at 10:51 AM  

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