Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Anatomy of a Move Part 2

It's happening. It's actually happening. We close on the new house on the 14th, and plan on moving our stuff in over the week after that. We're going to have some new carpet put down upstairs while the house is still vacant, then have the movers take our stuff over after that. I am also going to paint the bedroom that we will live in while we build a larger bathroom off of the master bedroom. At the moment the bathroom off the master is roughly the size of a phone booth. Scratch that, half a phone booth. So we're going to knock down this farging wall, and this farging wall...* The walls in the bedroom that we will be sleeping in are radioactive orange with a darker orange sponged over them. There is also a mosaic made of broken mirror shards swirled across one wall of the room. That should be a hoot to take down seeing as how they are pointy, jagged pieces of glass adhered to the wall with what probably is glue composed of a space age polymer that could stick a guy in a hard hat to a I-beam at a construction site. I see the need for a new box of band-aids in my future.

Today I just called and lined up the phone/cable/internet to get turned on for the 15th. I still need to do the power, and call the oil company to have the furnace serviced and stuff like that. I can't contain my excitement over finally getting into the house. I can't wait to start a fire in my new fireplace, and have a soak in my new hot tub, and park my car in a garage. (And throw a kickin' party once the boxes are unpacked!)

I've been trying to pack up things that we don't use all the time. It's kind of a challenge because there still is a lot to pack, but we're still trying to live here too. I know I should pack some of the clothing in the closet, but I can't bear to think of not having a choice every day when I get dressed. So instead I packed our ridiculous assortment of mugs:

I was enjoying the emptiness of that shelf, then Todd came home and moved some spices up there when he was cooking dinner. *sigh*

Then I tackled the cabinet above the stove. In this cabinet we keep wineglasses, shot glasses, cocktail shaker. Somehow I do not remember purchasing all those shot glasses, and wonder if I was already drunk when they were brought into the house--thus negating the need for the shot glasses to begin with, I guess. Who needs a glass when you can drink your booze straight out of the bottle anyway:

Empty! Looky looky!

And it all fit into two boxes, even after I went to Stop and Shop and swiped an entire stack of store circulars so I could use them to wrap all the glasses:
Next, I am packing the closet in the guest bedroom.
*Quote: Johnny Dangerously



Blogger Unknown said...

Have fun removing that glass!! Yikes!

March 4, 2008 at 7:18 PM  
Blogger Ruby said...

You close in under 10 days! Yay!

There comes a point when it is easier to replace the drywall over repairing the walls. Spongy/swirly stuff can be sanded down, but a mirror mosaic?! Yeah, I'd be ripping that whole sheet out and starting from scratch :) Easier to mud & tape a few lines than skim coat the area the mosaic was (at least from the sounds of it "swirled across one wall")

March 5, 2008 at 8:36 AM  
Blogger *~*Cece*~* said...

One more week! Good luck!

March 8, 2008 at 12:00 AM  

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