Thursday, July 01, 2010

Just Plain Stupid

Normally I love stupid people.  But this time I am just annoyed.  I know I shouldn't let it bug me, especially when it's a stranger who is being stupid.  But it does.

Just yesterday I read an article about a proposed tax on tanning services.  For example, if you frequent a tanning salon, you'll be taxed extra.  The monies generated from this tax will offset the costs of the healthcare reform.  Fair enough, right?

But what I love about reading the news online are the reader comments at the end.  One woman posted "A tax on tanning?  What's next?  A tax on breathing?"

Oh yes she did.  She compared breathing to tanning.  So, what she's saying is that we as a species cannot survive without lying inside of a machine that bakes our skin with concentrated ultraviolet light?

It's like comparing apples to thumbtacks.  Apples are good to eat.  Thumbtacks are not.  An apple a day, supposedly, keeps the doctor away.  However a thumbtack a day will likely shred your intestines to ribbons. 

Is it too much to ask the people who destroy their skin in a tanning booth to offset the cost of their eventual melanoma?

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