Wednesday, January 06, 2010

State Not-So-Secrets

Recently Todd and I changed our cable-phone-Internet service to Verizon.  We'd become disenchanted with the local cable provider.  The picture would randomly crap out while we were watching, and we'd never get to hear the vital piece of dialogue that would tell us whodunnit. 

The problem with changing TV providers is that, while it's cool that we have a bunch of new channels (that we would have had to pay extra for when we had the local cable provider), we have to learn all new numbers for all the channels. 

I was skimming through the program guide on night, "Hey, look!  We have the Pentagon channel.  And look, they have an exercise program on it." I switched it on to see three pasty looking, presumably, Pentagon employees repeatedly stomping on a step unenthusiastically. 

"Really?? Todd asked.  "A Pentagon channel?  On TV?  But isn't all the stuff that goes on in the Pentagon classified?"



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