Monday, February 16, 2009

Operation Windy Liberty

Todd and I have a ceiling fan over our bed. He prefers to run the fan while we sleep, while I whine, “It’s too windy! Turn it down!” Todd’s preferred speed on the fan also creates a dog hair tornado, which is especially annoying because I coat my lips in Chapstick before I fall asleep every night.

This morning I was lying in bed, and had an earth-shattering revelation about the fan. My side of the bed is directly under the fan, while Todd’s side is not. I brought up this point to Todd:

Beej: Hey, tonight when we get home we need to move the bed a few clicks to the east.

Todd: Clicks? Honey, it’s not the Pyon Yang Peninsula, it’s our bedroom.

Beej: Well, I figured that if I spoke all tactical-like, then you’d be more excited about moving the bed. I figure we could put that black stuff on our faces, and we could commando crawl into the bedroom. When you get home tonight, get out the walkie talkies from the basement. We could totally be like “OK, push! Over!”

Todd: I am stoked now! Let’s call it “Operation Windy Liberty!”



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