Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Under the Sea....

Todd and I went diving at Ft. Wetherill State Park in Jamestown, RI on Saturday. This time of year is great for diving in the southern parts of RI, and in Narragansett Bay, as the Gulf Stream shifts and carries with it warmer water, and the pretty fish that live in the warmer water.

On Saturday we took our newly acquired from eBay underwater camera. In the car on the way over Todd was loading the film and saying "I don't think we'll actually take 36 exposures. I think I would use up 12 at most...." Well, the excitement got the better of us, especially when I was carrying the camera. Me? Trigger happy? Yes, yes I am trigger happy with a camera and darn proud of it so cram it!

Anyway, here are the pictures that Todd has brilliantly photoshopped, to take out some of the siltiness of the water, so you can see us more clearly. We saw a lobster in its hole, a flounder floundering around on the bottom, some trigger fish, and loads of starfish. I love the starfish the best!

This is me, and man do my lips look huge around my reg.

This is a fish trying to escape my trigger happy ways. Yeah, keep trying, buddy!

Looks like there was a lobster fight and someone lost an arm. So, does that mean that in some restaurant somewhere in RI there may be a one-armed lobster on somebody's plate?

This is a lobster in its home. I spotted this one, and got Todd's attention. I pointed to the hole, and made a motion with my hand, not unlike the motion you make when somebody is talking to much. This apparently is our little signal for "Look! Lobster! Wow!"

I love me some starfish. I love how this picture is artistically off-center, too. We meant to do it that way, really!

More starfish. I wonder what the deal was with them, there were loads of starfish piled up together in different places on the dive. I've also been noticing them more and more when I look into the water from the docks at the marina. These guys were big, though. I'd say they were about 7" in diameter, though underwater things do look 33% bigger than they do on the land--much like they do in my rear view mirror on my Jeep as well.

This is Todd with a starfish. I love the kilroy affect of this picture, again, it was all very artisitic, and purely intentional.

A school of trigger fish.

So, that was our adventure. Stay tuned for more pictures soon!



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